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Adding Views in Material Master

Updated May 18, 2018

I am trying to add views using MM02. It is showing me just 3 views ...BASIC DATA1, BASIC DATA2 & CLASSIFICATION..... I want to add other views but am not able to do it.

There are 2 ways to add views to the existing material master:

1. Go to mm01
- Enter the material for which you want to add the views.
- Then you enter the same material in copy from material
- Then you may find all the view
- Then select the views you want to add and make entries in the same view and save it
All this is done in mm01.


You can mass extend views for a material in tcode mm50.
Select the maintenance status as V for e.g. if you want to add views of sales.

2. If the default setting is done in the material of the material type then you may not find the new views in mm01
If that is the case, then you go to spro >> log general >> mat master >> basic sett >> material types >>
define attributes of materisl types.
- Select material type of the material in which you want to make the change
- Double click on the same, then on right hand side, you will find user parameters under which you will find the views
- Select the view you want and save your settings
- Then go to mm01 and do the way it is mentioned in the first step.


  • 04 Sep 2010 2:51 pm Guest
    Awesome explanation.. thnx a lot...
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    The info is very helpful,
    Thank you so much.
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    Nice explenation...its really helpful.