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Create a Domain in SAP?

In this SAP ABAP tutorial, the SAP users will learn step by step process to create a domain in SAP ABAP using t-code SE11 with proper screenshots.

What is Domain in SAP ABAP?

A domain in SAP ABAP is an independent dictionary object that is used to define the technical and semantic attributes of elementary data types. Any data elements can be defined in reference to the domain and inherit its attributes.

Note: The domains in SAP ABAP can only be used in data elements.

How to Create a Domain in SAP?

Please follow the steps below to create a domain in SAP ABAP:

Enter the t-code SE11 in the SAP Command field and press Enter to execute it.


Next on the ABAP Dictionary: Initial Screen window select the radio button Domain and enter the name of the domain (according to your requirements) and then click the Create button.

Create Domain

Next, specify the description in the Short Description field of the maintenance screen of the domain.

Note: You can not enter any other fields unless and until you specify the description.


Now under the Definition tab go to Format block and specify the following fields:

  • Data Type
  • No. of Characters
  • Decimal Places


Now under the Output Characteristics specify the Output Length as shown in the image below:

Note: These is optional field

Output Length

Now go to the Value Range tab and if you want to restrict the domain to have only fixed values then enter the fixed values or intervals. 

Note: These are optional fields

Value Range

Next, click the Save icon to save your configuration of the new domain


A pop-up appears asking for a package. If you don't have any package then you you need to create a new package in the Object Navigator or you can also save the new domain using the Local Object button.


Next, click on the Activate icon or press CTRL + F3 to activate the new domain.

Activate button

You have successfully created and activated a new domain in SAP ABAP.

Note: If any error messages or warnings occurred while activating the domain, the activation log is displayed automatically.