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Top 5 Test tools for RFC connections Related Interview Questions and Answers

[1] Question: How can I test an RFC connection that has been set up?

Answer: In transaction SM59, "Display and maintain RFC destinations", you can perform two simple tests:

  • For each type of RFC destination, you can test the connection by pressing the "Test connection" button. This is similar to the "ping" operating system command.
  • To test the conntections to R3 systems, you can perform a "remote login". This is only successful with a user of the "Dialog" type and with valid login data  a remote login is not possible for "Non-dialog users".

[2] Question: How in principle can I connect to an R3 system from my host via RFC?

Answer: Applicable tool: sapinfo, contained in RFC-SDK
42692, test tool for RFC connections: sapinfo

[3] Question: How can I connect to the message server of an R3 systems from my host?

Reply: Applicable tool: lgtst
Detailed description:
64015, test tool for Message server: lgtst
Up to Release 6.10, this is available separately with the kernal files from the SAP Service Marketplace
As of 6.20, it is provided together with other Message Server tools in MSG_TOOLS*.SAR

[4] Question: How can I test the network connection between two hosts more thoroughly?

Reply: Applicable tool: niping
Detailed description:
500235, network diagnosis with NIPING,
155147, WinNT: Connection reset by peer

[5] Question: How can I connect to a certain gateway to register an external RFC program?

Reply: Applicable tool: rfcexec
Detailed description:
63930, Gateway registration of an RFC server program

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