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What is the function of Table S039.

Updated May 18, 2018

Table S039 does not store any data, it is used temporarily to execute the statistic reports the data is kept in S032 and S031 tables.
The Inventory Controlling data is kept in two information structures for technical reasons:

    1. S031: Material movement data on monthly basis (weeks ... and so on)

    2. S032: Current stocks and stock values

Table S039 is used as view in reporting that links tables S031 and S032 and furthermore contains all additional fields that are not stored in the database but are only calculated from other key figures at runtime.
Example: Range of coverage.

Furthermore, table S039 has the following function:

        a) storing planned figures for planned/actual comparisons in the standard analysis.

        b) creating a flexible analysis in Inventory Controlling.

Table S039 is used as reference.Note that the actual data must be written to table S039 by report RMCBS039.  

To update the table S039, run the program RMCBS039.