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Print Contents Of Any Internal Table At RunTime

Updated May 18, 2018


* Form:  OUTPUT_INTERNAL_TABLE                                         *

* Used for printing contents of any internal table without knowing the *

* table name or the structure before runtime.                          *


form output_internal_table tables Itab using table_name.


data:  begin of struct_tab occurs 50.

         include structure dfies.

data:  end of struct_tab.

data: ix type i.


field-symbols .


* Get information about table structure for the table to output


  call function 'GET_FIELDTAB'

       exporting  tabname        = table_name

                  langu          = sy-langu

       tables     fieldtab       = struct_tab

       exceptions no_texts_found = 1

                  others         = 2.

  loop at itab. "loop through the internal table with the data

    write sy-uline.


    do. "loop through the structure table

      read table struct_tab index sy-index.

      assign component sy-index of structure itab to .

      if sy-subrc <> 0. exit. endif.


  if <> space.

        write: / struct_tab-fieldtext(20), ': ', 30 .





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