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How do you access the main screen and subscreens in Batch input ?

Updated May 18, 2018

Within an application, some screens may have subscreens. When a batch input session is processed in which subscreens have to be processed, the processing routine runs into an error, e.g.
"Batch input data not available for screen <hugo>" or
"Field <hugofieldname> does not exist in screen <hugo>".

Procedure to find out the main screen and subscreen:

1. Analyze the involved screen at runtime by placing the cursor on the various screen fields and calling F1/Technical info.  If  the name of the screen in the technical info changes, this means you are dealing with a main screen with subscreens.

2. Now call the Screen Painter (transaction SE51) and find out which screen is the main screen.

3. Enter the main screen as the start screen in the BDC table (BDCDATA).  All fields (main screen and subscreens) are entered underneath.  The batch input runtime system will then automatically look for the fields, first in the main screenand then in the subscreens.