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BASIS Patch Administration Interview Questions and Answer

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP BASIS Patch Administration FAQ

When you will apply patches? Give short of examples the situation, where to troubleshoot you have applied patches!

Why it`s required to shutdown all SAP, Database instances & services during kernel up-gradation.

Why it`s required to keep all instances up during the updating hot package?

Can we apply higher version Patch Level using lower version of SPAM? If not, why?

What is importance of Import Queue?

Can we apply higher level of HR or other Financial Patch with lower version of ABAP/BASIS patch level?

Is there any sequence to apply hot packages?

Means, BASIS – ABAP – HR – FIN or HR – FIN – ABAP – BASIS vice versa

BASIS and ABAP patch level should be same. So first which patch level should be updated ABAP or BASIS? If BASIS then why? If ABAP then why?

Why you update SPAM version before applying other patches? What is the logic behind this?

How you will decompress the downloaded compressed patch files?

After decompression what are the two files generated. State the names of that files & type of the files?

Why we login as DDIC user at the time of patch administration?

If we logged as different user, what will the problem?

Updating the patch level means Updating of SAP system or Upgrading SAP system?

You are updating patch level and kernel version of 4.6c to the latest patch level of SAP that you found in So, will it become 4.7ee to 4.6c version?  If not what will be the changes? If not then what is upgrading?

How from Client 000, all clients exists in SAP system get effected?

In which table these stored?