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Difference between SAP Access Control, Process Control and Risk Management

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP Access Control 10.1

SAP Access Control is an initiative software application that allows organizations to control entry and stop fraud through the enterprise, although reducing the time and cost of obedience. The Application modernizes obedience procedures, including entrée risk analysis and remediation, business Role management, entrée request management, emergency access management, and periodic submission Certifications. SAP Access Control brings instant visibility of the present risk situation with real-time data.

SAP Process Control 10.1

SAP Process Control is an initiative software solution for interior panel’s management. It permits Administrations to text their control environment, test and measure controls, track subjects to remediation, and confirm and report on the state and excellence of interior controls. By a combination of data forms, automated workflows, certification, and collaborating reports, this solution enables members of internal control, audit, and business process teams to manage compliance activities.

SAP Risk Management 10.1

SAP Risk Management is an initiative software solution that allows establishments to balance business Opportunities With financial, lawful, and working risks to reduce the market consequences from high impact events. The application permits customers to classify these risks and monitor them on a Continuous basis. Stakeholders and owners are delivered with such tools as analytic dashboards for greater visibility in mitigating risks in their areas of responsibility.
Hope this article might help you to understand the difference between SAP Access Control, SAP Process Control and Risk Management.

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