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Difference between SE16 and SE16N Transaction Codes

Updated Jan 13, 2020

SE16 vs. SE16N

T.Code SE16:

  • SE16 allows you to view data stored in different fields in tables. 
  • SE16 is a data browser, and it is used to view the contents of the table, and we cannot change or append new fields to the existing structure of the table as we cannot see the structure level display using the SE16.
  • SE16 is a standard SAP transaction

T.Code SE16N:

  • The transaction code SE16N (general table display) is an improved version of the old data browser (SE16). It looks a bit different from the old “data browser” functionality (SE16).
  • SE16N is an Enjoy Transaction. Enjoy Transaction is nothing, but having some graphics and look is entirely different from the standard transaction. 
  • You can see technical names and descriptions for fields. The results are displayed in the ALV grid format.
  • The variants of SE16N provide more flexibility than the options of SE16.

Key difference between SAP Transaction Codes SE16 and SE16N:

  • In SE16, the name of the variant for all users is used. However, in SE16N, several users can create an option of the same name but with different content.
  • In other words, the variant XXX can be created by both user A and user B. You can delete Variant in SE16N by entering the table name>Goto Variant>Press Delete, while eliminating the variant make sure that you select delete option "In all clients."


  • 12 Jul 2012 6:05 am krishna Helpful Answer
    se16 u can view only tables, u cannot view the structure tables
  • 24 Nov 2015 5:43 pm Guest Helpful Answer

    it converts the currencies like CLP correctly... you don't have to divide by 100

  • 30 Jan 2014 5:19 am Hemanth

    same we can view only tables