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SM59 Create and Maintain RFC Destinations

Updated May 18, 2018

Create and Maintain RFC Destinations with Tcode SM59

To connect from an ABAP system to an external system RFC Destination is one of the best suited way. In this tutorial you'll learn about the basic HTTP connection to external server.

To setup connections to servers that contain Remote Function Calls (RFC), you must create RFC destinations.

Before Creating RFC Destinations one must keep the following points in mind:

  • To connect to a server and to access required RFC one must obtain authorization first.
  • Enter the required SAP systems into SAP logon group.

Create RFC Connections

Step 1: Go to transaction SM59 and Run it.

Step 2: Select the HTTP Connection to External Server and Press F8 or Click Create Button.

Note: RFC Name should be unique like; RFC Destination Name: Test FRC2, connection type should be 3.

Now go to the Technical Settings Tab, select Load distributes as No and in Target host field give IP address of your traget system, in System Number field give system number and Save as IP Address.

Then click on Logon/Security Tab and mark Trusted System as No, SNC as Inactive, Language as eng, Client as 000, User as sapuser and Password *********

Now the RFC connection is created but we need to test the connection.

Test RFC Connection

Click to Test connection or press F8 and then go to Technical Settings and fill Target host field as sapserv, System Number Field as 00 and mark Save as field as HostName.

Now to test the Authorization of RFC Connection go to Test tab and choose Authorization or press F6.

Now your RFC Connection is READY to go LIVE.

Maintaining RFC Destinations

While maintaining the RFC Destinations information consider the following options:

1. Connection settings: Make sure all the above given settings are properly done.

2. Secure Network Communications (SNC): Make sure you have maintained the SNC parameters.

3. Logon data: Ensure the logon data is filled as above mentioned.

4. Repository: Ensure you have made authorizations to access ABAP repository for your connection if not then you have to setup repository destination.

Select the entry in the Destinations List to maintain a destination. Save the data and Modify the parameters as necessary.