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CUA and User Administration Interview Questions and Answers

FAQ: General questions about User administration & CUA (Central User Administration)

[1] Question: Which system should be used as a central location for the CUA?

Answer: If possible, use the latest system from your system landscape to set up the Central User Administration. If possible, use Release 4.6C or higher. This will mean that all of the current functions are available to you.

[2] Question: How do I name the roles in the CUA?

Answer: We wish to recommend that roles, which are to be adjusted during the name assignment, are adjusted to the target system. This gives you the option of a unique identification that suits the corresponding child system or target system as well as the individual allocation of the roles and authorizations. You should consider this process at the beginning of the name assignment.

[3] Question: How should roles and profiles be created in the CUA?

Answer: Even though roles and profiles may be transported, they are usually maintained in the child systems rather than at a central location. Different Customizing settings and releases in the child systems generally make it necessary to adjust the roles individually.