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Formatting addresses in the Smart Form

Updated May 18, 2018

In the Smart Form, I need to populate the 'Bill to' and 'Ship to' addresses. I created the address node for the same and passed the addr no. The client is now not comfortable with the way this address shows up on the screen. For instance, the Smart Form formats the last line as "F-1234 ABC", but the client wants it as "1234 ABC, France."


Bear in mind that the default addresses produced by a Smart Form's address node are based on international postal guidelines, and take into account both the sending and recipient countries, as well as the address fields populated and the amount of lines available.
In the address nodes, check to make sure you have populated the 'Sending Country' field, and with the correct country. Also verify that you have specified an adequate number of lines in the 'Number of Lines to be Used' field. The final field with which you can experiment in the form itself is the 'Priority of Lines' field, but I am not sure that will help in your case.

If the above suggestions don't solve your issue, then you will need to make tweaks external to the form, either in country configuration (field T005-ADDRS) or within a user-exit in the ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM function module -- which the form calls behind the scenes. Based on my extensive experience with both of these options, I would recommend them only as a last resort.