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Message cannot be transferred to node SMTP due to connection error (final)

Updated May 18, 2018

I have done system copy from Production to Quality system. Copy is successfully and all post processing completed and also system is working find. But in mail system when I send the mail to users with internet option The SMTP error is getting, The same setting has applied In Production system, I can send the mail via internet option and it's working fine. no error is getting 

Please guide me how to solve this issue. Please check the below errors: 

'Message cannot be transferred to node SMTP due to connection error (final)'

Message no. XS816 


Due to a technical fault, the system could not set up a connection to destination 25. Therefore, the message could not be transferred to node SMTP.

System Response

The system was unable to transfer the message. 

Additional information of the node used (in the system language of the node): 


Check the connection from the SAP system to node SMTP. Perhaps the node is not assigned to the correct destination. If so, correct this in Customizing. 
In production operation, it is advisable to reroute provisionally to another node. 

You should therefore notify your system administrator. 

Express document "Cannot be sent: test" received from