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List of Important SAP Tables

Updated May 18, 2018

Here is the List of all Important Tables in SAP

Serial No. Table Name Usage
1 T000 Clients
2 T001 Company Codes
3 T001W Plant Codes
4 USR02 User Master
5 E070 Change Requests
6 TSTC Transaction Codes
7 TSP01 Spool Requests
8 PAT01 Support Package Status
9 PATCHHIST History of Kernel Patch
10 RZLLICLASS Logon Groups
11 DBSTATC List of Tables for statistics update
12 SDBAC Commands and parameters for DB13
13 USR40 Password Exception List
14 TSP01 Spool Requests
15 TST01 TemSe data


  • 31 Aug 2012 6:46 am Sushil Helpful Answer
    List of Important tables in SAP:
    MARA – Material Master: General data
    MAKT – Material Master: Description
    MARM – Material Master: Unit of Measure
    MAPE - Material master: Export control file
    MARC - Material master: Plant data
    MARD – Material master: Storage location
    MAST – Material link to BOM
    MBEW – Material valuation
    MLGN – Material Master: WM Inventory
    MLGT – Material Master: WM Inventory type
    MDIP – Material: MRP profiles (field contents)
    MKOP – Consignment price segment (old versions of SAP)
    EBEW – Valuation of sales order stock
    QBEW - Valuation of project stock
    MVER – Material Master: Consumption
    DVER - Material Master: Consumption
    MVKE – Material Master: Sales
    MLAN – Material Master: Tax indicator
    MARC – Material Master: Plant data
    MAPR – Material Master: Forecast
    MARD – Material Master: Storage Location
    MCH1 - Material Master: X Plant Batches
    MCHA - Material Master: Batches
    MCHB - Material Master: Batch Stock
    MDMA - MRP Area data
    DBVM – MRP Planning File Entry: MRP Area
    MOFF – Outstanding Material Master Records (Maintenance status)
    MARCH – Material Master C Segment: History
    MARDH – Material Master Storage Location Segment: History
    MBEWH – Material Valuation: History
    MCHBH - Batch Stocks: History
    MKOLH - Special Stocks from Vendor: History
    MSCAH - Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History
    MSKAH - Sales Order Stock: History
    MSKUH - Special Stocks at Customer: History
    MSLBH - Special Stocks at Vendor: History
    MSPRH - Project Stock: History
    MSSAH - Total Sales Order Stocks: History
    MSSQH - Total Project Stocks: History

    LFA1 - Vendor Master: General data
    LFB1 - Vendor Master: Company data
    LFM1 – Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Purchasing organization)
    LFM2 – Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Plant, Vendor sub-range)
    WYT3 – Vendor Partner Functions

    External Service Management
    ASMD – Service Master: Basic Data
    ASMDT – Service Short Texts
    ESKL – Account assignment specification for service line
    ESKN – Account assignment in service package
    ESLH – Service package header data
    ESLL – Lines in service package
    ESSR – Service entry sheet header data
    ESUC – External services management: Unplanned limits for contract item
    ESUH – External services management: unplanned service limits header data
    ESUP – External services management: unplanned limits for service packages
    ESUS – External services management: Unplanned limits for service types

    EBAN – Purchase requisition: items
    EBKN – Purchase Requisition: account assignment
    STXH – SAPScript Text Header
    STXL – SAPScript Text Lines
    EKKO – Purchasing document header
    EKPO – Purchasing Document: Item
    EKET – Purchasing Document: Delivery Schedules
    MDBS – Material View of Order Item/Schedule Line (good to find open PO’s)
    EKKN – Account assignment in purchasing document
    EORD – Purchasing Source List
    EIPA – Order price history record
    EKAB – Release documentation
    EKBE – Purchasing document history
    EKBZ – Purchasing document history: delivery costs
    EKPB – “Material to be provided” item in purchasing document
    EINA – Purchase Info Record: General
    EINE – Purchasing info record: purchasing organization data
    KONP – Condition Item
    KONH – Condition Header

    Inventory Management
    ISEG – Physical inventory document items
    MKPF – Material document: Header
    MSEG – Material document: item
    RKPF – Reservation: Header
    RESB – Reservation: Item
    Invoice Verification
    BSIM – Secondary index: documents for material
    MYMFT – FIFO results table
    MYML – LIFO material layer
    MYMLM – LIFO material layer (monthly)
    MYMP – LIFO period stocks, single material
    MYMP1 – Receipt data LIFO/FIFO valuation
    MYPL – LIFO pool layer
    MYPLM – LIFO pool layer (monthly)
    RBCO – Document item, incoming invoice account assignment
    RBDIFFKO – Invoice Verification: conditions
    RBDIFFME – Invoice Verification: quantity differences
    RBDRSEG – Invoice Verification batch: invoice document items
    RBKP – Document header: incoming invoice
    RBKPB – Invoice document header (batch invoice verification)
    RBTX – Taxes:incoming invoice
    RBVD – Invoice document: summarization data
    RBVDMAT – Invoice Verification: summarization data, material
    RBWT – Withholding tax:incoming invoice
    RKWA – Consignment withdrawals
    RSEG - Document item, incoming invoice

    Customising and other master data
    MDLV - MRP Areas
    MDLG - MRP Areas – Storage Locations
    MDLW - MRP Areas – Plants
    MDLL - MRP Areas – Subcontractor
    T023 - Material Groups
    T024 - Purchasing groups
    T030 – Standard Accounts Table (Automatic Account Determination)
    T156 – Movement Type
    T156T – Movement Type: Text
    T16FS – Release Strategies
    T16FT – Descriptions of Release Strategies
    T16FV – Release Prerequisites
    T16FD – Description of Release Codes
    T16FK – Release Statuses
    T16FC – Release Codes
    AUSP – Release Procedure: Strategy values (cl20n, cl24n)
    AGR_USERS – Assignment of roles to users
    CDHDR & CDPOS – Change history of master data and documents
    EDID4 – EDI information
    TSTC – SAP Transaction Codes, lock/unlock: sm01, created: se93
    TSTCT – Transaction codes TEXT
    NAST – Message status