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LSMW -Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Updated May 18, 2018

I have a question on how to build logic in an LSMW load that I am doing. It is for a vendor update load. Basically the logic that I need built is if a certain payment method is used, then cash-management group xxxx is to be populated...

The technical names are;

Cash Management Group LFB1-LFB1
Payment Method - LFB1-ZWELS

Something like this....
If payment method 'C' is used then 'CM Group 'V-CHK'
If pament method 'A' is used them 'CM group 'V-XXX'

is it possible to build such logic in LSMW? As you can probably discrern, I am not an ABAPer, but just looking to build a little bit of logic in my LSMW...

Yes, this can be done quite easily in LSMW under the section "Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines". Set up a translation - in your case a 1:1 translation to derive the cash management group from the payment method in the input file.