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Maintain Storage Location

Updated May 18, 2018

MMSC - Collective entry of Storage Location for a material.

Insert new or delete un-used Storage Location.

Maintain whether the storage location was included or excluded from MRP run.

Block Storage Location from further posting

1. You can block the storage location of a material without affecting the rest of the location using the same material.
Create a Physical Inventory document for the storage location with transaction MI01

Select the Posting Block checkbox.
This would prevent transactions from occurring until you either post or delete the physical inventory document.
(There is no impact, unless you do a post difference for the physical inventory document.)

2. Another method is to rename the storage location name.

  • Go to transaction OX09

  • Edit -> Copy as (copy the original storage location to a new name, replacing the first character e.g. ZXXX)

  • Edit -> Delete (delete the original storage location)

  • Do the reverse if you want back the original storage location.

    Accounting document number range for MM

    Transaction OMW9

    Document Type - Double click on desire transaction code to check the document type for number range.
    (E.g. MR21 Document type - PR)

    Financial accounting document type - Assign the document type to a number range and account type.
    (E.g. PR - Account type allowed for posting will be MS)

  • Double click on the document type PR.

  • Assign an unique starting number range that was not used. e.g. 88

  • Choose the Account type for Material and G/L account (MS)

  • The rest of the fields are optional (you can leave it as blank)

  • SAP definitions for account type -

  • A - Assets

  • D - Customers

  • K - Vendors

  • M - Material

  • S - G/L accounts

  • Number ranges for financial accounting document type - Assign the number range to the running number range.

    No. Year (till) From number To number Current number Ext (no tick internal or tick external)
    88 9999 8800000000 8899999999 Track by SAP Blank

    Accounting document will be generated if there are stocks during price change, if you don't have any stocks, no accounting document will be generated as there are no inventory to revaluate for price differences.

    Valuation Class for Material Group

    In 4.6x and 4.5b, you can assign valuation class to Material Group.

    It is useful in the sense that user do not have to manually do an Account Assignments.

    For stock items, valuation class cannot be changed whenever the stock on hand is not zero.

    Valuation class are tied to a G/L account.

    A change of valuation class means a change of G/L account.

    In FI concept, you have to debit and credit to balance the G/L account. That is why your stock must be zero before the system allows you to changed the valuation class. If it is not zero, you have to either transfer it to another material or do a dummy issues. After changing the valuation class, do reversal entries for the stocks which you have transfer out or you have done dummy issues.

    IMG - Material Management -> Purchasing -> Material Master -> Entry aids for items without a Material Master

    G/L Accounts in MM Account Determination

    The program RM07C030 check all the G/L account define in your Material Master valuation class.

    Search is via Company code and Valuation area.

    Compare fields status for movement types against General Ledger

    Use SA38 then run RM07CUFA