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Manual Pricing Conditions copying to Next PO when entered either at Header or Line item of PO (want to change config to NOT copy)

Updated May 18, 2018


I have tested "adding" a pricing condition manually at both Header Level and Item Level of PO...both % of net and actual value were tested.  Although there is one scenario that I want the system to "always" bring forward a discount (and I have that setup done specific to the vendor by wetup through MEKI)...the other cases are adhoc.  Sometimes they give a special discount. 

Currently, if I add a "pricing condition" to a certain PO (header or line item level)...the next time I create a PO for that same vendor,,,the condition I added in last PO copies to new PO.  With the acception of the few vendors I have set up to "always" take % discount...all other vendors.PO's need to NOT default with the manual  pricing conditions added.  You would need to "choose" when a pricing condition is applicable.

I've been through config and see defaults in OMFI.  I received some prior feedback from a consultant and I must be missing something as I'm not understanding.  When I go into OMFI I am seeing 2 groups on the first screen.

Can anyone confirm for me the actual config change that needs to happen so that the "manual" pricing conditions added when creating a PO DO NOT default through to follow on PO's?  What exactly needs to be done in OMFI...and EVO?  Once I do what I need to in OMFI...and followon steps for setup?


I have seen on another site that someone was having a similar issue...but with freight condition. (SEE BELOW).  Someone had replied to the post and suggestion apparently worked.  I'm thinking the solution re freight will also work for the "manual pricing conditions"


I am having an issue with the FRC1 freight condition. For this condition we have no master data set up via MEK1/MEK2, it is a manual condition. If we have a previous instance of a vendor / material combination which has had an FRC1 condition added manually, when a new purchase order is raised for the same material / vendor combination the has the old condition values from the earlier order are copied to the new order automatically.

If I look in the condition analysis for the new order the system tell me for FRC1 ‘condition entered manually’.

I am not sure what is driving this copying of this condition between purchase orders, can anyone help please.


Go to OMFI tcode and copy the existing to somthing else wihout defualt values key

that means it will be the first in this table now

go the price adoption tab and select do not copy and save

now system will not copy

It was confirmed that the solution worked!  "I I have tried out your solution and it will fix the issue I face. Thanks for your help!!
have tried out your solution and it will fix the issue I face. Thanks for your help!!"

I'm not understanding part of the above solution..."GO to OMFI tcode and copy the existing to something else without default values key"  Can Anyone give a better explanation to help me understand?

ALSO - I have seen some posts that there must also be some setup pertaining to EVO - I tried to check SUIM (but I don't have access) so I checked  my personal default settings and EVO is not there.  I should note that when I go into OMFI there are group 01 and group 02...not sure where those groups can be assigned - can anyone comment on that?

  Can anyone assist in helping me to understand the exact steps on how to "STOP" pricing conditions entered manually in a PO from copying to the next PO???



  • 24 Mar 2017 1:24 am Guest Best Answer

    Customizing OMFI was correct advice --- it will only work if you add Paramter-ID 'EVO' in user master data (SU3 or SU01).

    VALUE = nn*

    *) nn is the key you maintain in OMFI ...

    in OMFI search for one of the last tabs until you find called "No copy of price to followup PO" ... here you can set ALLWAYS, NEVER, NEVER for MANUAL PRICE

  • 28 Apr 2011 3:05 am sapmm_9841
    hi, I am facing a similar issue, could you share how you resolved this?