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MIGO allows multiple purchase orders for a single goods receipt

Updated May 18, 2018

Transaction MIGO allows you to enter multiple purchase orders on one single goods receipt

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Run transaction code MIGO
  2. Select Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
  3. Select movement type 101
  4. Enter a purchase order number and press Enter
  5. Line item details are populated with data from the purchase order
  6. Enter a second purchase order number and press Enter
  7. Line item details are continuously populated with data from the second purchase order
  8. MIGO accepts both purchase orders for the one goods receipt


  1. You can control whether you will allow multiple purchase orders with different vendors in the one material document.
  2. Run transaction code OMCQ
  3. Select combination fields Appl.A. = M7 and No. - 107 (Message: Enter goods receipts for vendor & only)
  4. Maintian Cat. field as 'E' for 'Error'
  5. The user must then correct the input that caused the message M7107 in the goods receipt before continuing processing.