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MRKO: List display / document display

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP MRKO No tax information found

You start Transaction MRKO ('Consignment and Pipeline Settlement). During this process, the same error message, for example M8732 'No tax information found', is output in the information text column in all the lines, which would be grouped together later into one generated document.

1. The items to be settled are divided into invoice blocks and displayed in the list. In Transaction MRKO only one error message can be output per invoice document. The error message which first occurred is then copied to all the lines of the invoice block. The long text of the message contains detailed information concerning for which item the errors occurred.

2. Take also into account that the invoice document for the consignment settlement should no longer be displayed with Transaction MR03 as of Release 4.6C, however, it should be displayed with FI Transaction FB03 / FB60. If you use Transaction MR03, some data can be missing on the screen, however, if you branch to the accounting view, the document data is displayed correctly.