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Obsolete Statements

Updated May 18, 2018

Obsolete Statements

Obsolete Declarations


FIELDS Addresses a data object
INFOTYPES Declaration of an internal table for HR info types
RANGES Declaration of a ranges table

Obsolete Program Call

CALL DIALOG Calls a dialog module

Obsolete Control Structure

ON CHANGE OF ... ENDON Obsolete branch

Obsolete Assignments

LOCAL Stores a data object temporarily
MOVE-PERCENTAGE Assigns a subobject of a data object
PACK Packs a packed number

Obsolete Calculation Statements

ADD-CORRESPONDING Addition of structure components
DIVIDE-CORRESPONDING Division of structure components
MAXIMUM Maximum value of outputs on a list
MINIMUM Minimum value of outputs on a list
MULTIPLY-CORRESPONDING Multiplication of structure components
SUBTRACT-CORRESPONDING Subtraction of structure components
SUMMING Summation of outputs on a list

Obsolete Character String Processing

CONVERT DATE|INVERTED-DATE Conversion of a character string into nine's complement
SEARCH Obsolete search in a character string

Obsolete Internal Table Processing

SEARCH itab Obsolete search in an internal table
WRITE TO itab Obsolete writing into an internal table


CONTEXTS Data type for contexts
DEMAND Queries a context
SUPPLY Fills the key fields of a context

Obsolete Statements for List Processing

DETAIL Intensity of the background color of a list
INPUT Input-ready status of a list
NEW-SECTION Controls a print list
SUMMARY Intensity of the background color of a list

Obsolete External Programming Interface

COMMUNICATION Controls the CPI-C interface