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Open OSS Connection

Updated May 18, 2018

Open OSS Connection

It can occur that SAP has to access the system to further investigate the problem. This requires that an OSS connection has been established and that information about the system have been added to OSS, Service Connection.

The above is called R/3 Support and to enable SAP to access the systems it is necessary to go through SAPNET.

After logging inot the Service Market Place, follow the path Problem Solving ? Your Connection to SAP

Click on the button Maintain Connections.

Search the System for which the connection needs to be opened

On the next screen, clisk on the connection type(s) to be opened.

State the number of hours and days where the system has to be open to SAP – they will usually request this information when they contact you about access to the systems. Click the Save button – the system is now open for SAP to log on to.

Access should only be given to SAP when they have to log on, otherwise it should remain closed.