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How can populate the values of all the fields with one search?

Updated May 18, 2018

Solution for Populate Multiple field value with search help and check the details.

We have some screen field if you have specify your search help name.. and  you have put-upon function modules  for search help pass to the correct screen field name.
We have some fields and all of them activate  a search help. When an item is selected, all   fields  are to be lived with values.

We make ITAB where we put all data for search help and prepend "INDEX" column which is filled with incrementing values.

When we use a line  is selected in the search help, that index field is returned (FM  F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST) If you  read  ITAB with that INDEX.

Then you Make dynpro fields, append them into fields-ITAB and fill them with values.

And Update dynpro with fields-ITAB (FM DYNP_VALUES_UPDATE)