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Upgrade Still Running Logon not Possible

Updated May 18, 2018

Problem with Logon and User DDIC during upgrade in Customer Systems

Problem: Following message shows at the bottom of the logon screen. During an upgrade of a system based on SAP NetWeaver, when one is trying to logon the shadow instance

Upgrade still running: Logon not possible

Solution: Only user DDIC in client 000 can be used to logon shadow instance in case of emergency. Logon client 000 by using user DDIC.

Problem: Following error occurs during upgrade, when modifying objects in the shadow instance using user DDIC.

User DDIC may not make changes in customer systems

Solution: User DDIC is a system user. It cannot be used to change objects in customer system.

Since during upgrade, only user DDIC can logon to client 000 of shadow instance, one need to unlock the system and use other users to do changes on the objects in the shadow instance.

Please follow the steps below in order to modify the objects:

Unlock the shadow system by using the command below:

(from) abapbinSAPup unlockshd

Logon with another user and modify the objects. If you have no user can be use in client 000, go to transaction SU01 and copy DDIC to create a new user.

 Lock the shadow instance again by using the command below:

(from) abapbinSAPup lockshd