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How to remove link of search help from a field in table.

Updated May 18, 2018

I created a search help for one of the field of my ztable but when i am  deleting the field i am not able to remove the link from the field in table. It shows the link again What to do.


First Go to your table.

Put cursor on the field  "Entry help/check" tab of your table and press "search help"  icon.

It shows you the list of search help attached to that field. You can select and delete respective search help attachment from that.

Still you have that issue then You can check whether at global level ( domain , data element) any search help attached. If yes then remove that.

Or you can delete the parameter assignment, and then try to delete.

If that doesnt work then it might be the case that you might have assigned that search help to some custom data element. So remove it from the data element/ domain and actual Search help should be deleted..