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RSA7 delta queue not getting updated

Updated May 18, 2018

The qRFC queue(smq1) is showing huge entries for MCEX02 & MCEX12 but in RSA7 if I search delta update for the relevant data source I get 0 records.

The V3 update job for both 2 & 12 is running on an hourly basis.
The extract structures in LBWE for both 02 and 12 are active.

I am not getting what is the problem?

Somewhere the delta queue is not getting updated how to check that???

A program should run to transfer your LUWs from pre-queue to delta queue. For MCEX02 this program is RMBWV302, for MCEX12 it's RMBWV312. Please check whether these jobs have run.
You can schedule these jobs with transaction LBWE, the logistics customizing cockpit.

When the jobs have run, you will see in transaction SMQ1 that totals are transferred from MCEX02 / MCEX12 to the respective queue names for 02 and 12 (example: BW**LIS_12_VCHDR), per 1000 records.
Than you will see them in RSA7 as well.

Ok I will try to explain you once again:
In R3 MCEX02 & MCEX12 queues in smq1 is showing huge data piled up and from last 2 days.The daily BW delta extracts for them is getting only 0 records in the ODS.Before 2 days it was running smooth and getting delta on a regular basis.I did my checks and found the following thing:

1.The collector run jobs for both MCEX02 & MCEX12 (RMBWV312 & RMBWV302 ) are running every 1 hrs.Please see the log below..(so it seems no issue with them)


Job started
Step 001 started (program RMBWV302, variant , user name BTCHRFC1)
Queue processing started (MCEX02, 100, , 0)
Extraction queue processing started MCEX02 with 32,726 LUWs
Processing of extraction queue MCEX02 successfully ended
Job finished

2.In smq1 the queue is piling up for MCEX02 & MCEX12 but the RSA7 queue is having no data.

3.The log in monitor in BW for the extracts shows the following msg :
"The data request was a delta update, meaning, the data basis in the
source system has not changed since the last update.Info IDoc received with status 8."