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SAP GUI shortcut with password and user name?

Updated May 18, 2018

I would like to create a SAP GUI shortcut that includes the SAP username password, system etc. (also it is not recommended from a security perspective).

Nevertheless, can somebody tell me how to enable the password parameter for shortcut? Per default it is disabled and I am prompted but I have read that you can enable it in some way.

Would really appreciate if someone can help out here....

When you make the shortcut in SAPGUI password field is disabled.
thats why you can not enter and save the password with shortcuts.
for enabling the password field first you should register the
shortcuts.for this

Go to SAPFrontEndSapGui Directory and run the command

sapshcut -register

after that a variable is created in windows registry.

Go to registry editor (regedit).
Go to HKEY-local-usersoftwaresapsapshortcutsecurity

there is a variable EnablePassword with value 0 make it 1.

and close registry editor and make the shourtcut throught the SAPGUI.
now you can enter the Password and save it.