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MESSAGE_TYPE_ X System error (termination point CLEARING_BALANCE)

Updated May 18, 2018

Please check following error

ABAP runtime errors MESSAGE_TYPE_ X
Occurred on 15.12.2008 at 15:15:02

>> Short dump has not been completely stored. It is too big.

The current application triggered a termination with a short dump.

What happened?

The current application program detected a situation which really should not occur. Therefore, a termination with a short dump was
triggered on purpose by the key word MESSAGE (type X).

What can you do?

Note the actions and input that caused the error.

Inform your SAP system administrator.

You can print out this message by choosing "Print".
Transaction ST22
allows you to display and manage termination messages, including keeping them beyond their normal deletion date.

Error analysis

Short text of error message:
System error (termination point CLEARING_BALANCE)

Long text of error message:

An internal error has occurred.
System Response
You cannot continue with processing.
Contact SAP to establish whether the error can only be rectified by a program correction, or whether it can also be rectified by
changes to the settings. There may also be an error in the updating of the data which must be resolved.
Specify the following parameters when reporting the error:
o Message : GLT0/000
o Program : SAPLGLT0
o Termination point : CLEARING_BALANCE

Technical information about the message:
Message classe...... "GLT0"
Number...... ........ 000
Variable 1.......... "CLEARING_BALANCE"
Variable 2.......... "SAPLGLT0"
Variable 3.......... " "
Variable 4.......... " "

do let me know if anyone had such problem