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Stock Comparison of WM, IM and HUM

Updated May 18, 2018

This Tutorial is supposed to give an overview of possible corrections for stock differences, if, in addition to the inventory management (IM), both the Warehouse Management (WM) and the Handling Unit Management (HUM) are active.

In general you should always report stock differences to SAP in order to perform an analysis of possible causes and to correct the differences.

If the Handling Unit Management is not active, stock differences between WM and IM can be cleared using Transaction LX23, report RLABGL00.

Here, it is assumed that the stocks in WM are correct (physical inventory is possibly required). The stocks in IM are adjusted. For more detailed information on Transaction LX23, refer to doc 535043.

For storage locations with HU management, you can use Transaction LX23 only to display stock differences between WM and IM, but you cannot clear any differences. HU stocks cannot be analyzed at all.

A report to correct stock differences between WM and handling units is existing which, if required, is made available by SAP. Updates with this report must be executed by SAP.

However, a report which allows you to perform a comparison between WM, IM and handling units analogue to report RLABGL00 - is not available.

For data inconsistencies between these three stock management levels, six cases in total must be distinguished which can be corrected partly using existing reports or postings with particular movement types, and partly, however, they require direct changes on the database.

Case 1 OK OK Incorrect
Case 2 OK Incorrect OK
Case 3 Incorrect OK OK
Case 4 OK Incorrect Incorrect
Case 5 Incorrect OK Incorrect
Case 6 Incorrect Incorrect OK

The stock differences between WM and HU in cases 1, 2 and 5, 6 can be cleared using above HU WM report (with that, case 5 and 6 become case 3).

In cases 3, 5, 6 you must subsequently correct the stocks in IM. You can perform this with postings with particular inventory movement types which only post in IM, but do not change the - correct - stocks in WM and on the handling units.

For this proceed as follows:

  • Create new movement types (for example 901 and 902) with reference to movement type 701 (increase stock in IM) and 702 (reduce stock in IM).
  • Assign 999 as reference movement type to the new movement types. As a result, the system does not post into WM.
  • You should also permit the new movement types for Transaction MB11.
  • Furthermore, you should clarify with the FI/CO department which account is supposed to be posted to, because this must be entered manually in Transaction MB11. If the entered account is defined as primary cost element, a CO object to be posted to that is a cost center or an order - must be entered either via Customizing (Transaction OKB9) or directly in the account.
  • Contact SAP after these preparations.
  • Transaction MB11 with the new movement types must be executed in debugging in order to avoid the HU-management of the storage locations.

In case 4, manual corrections on the database are required, no reports are available.


  • 05 Nov 2008 7:59 am Guest
    You're info is very helpfull but could you please let me know where to interupt in debugging to avoid hu management?

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