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T588M: Missing scroll bar and fields in detail screen

Updated May 18, 2018

Via the infotype screen control (Table T588M) you can control the ready for input status of different infotype fields individually. Here, all fields of an infotype are displayed with a value in the field 'Modification group 3'.
If more fields exist than can be displayed on the screen, you can go to the missing fields by using the vertical scroll bar.
However, if the selected mode size is very small, the screen does not display all fields.If you now enlarge the mode, the system only displays a certain number of fields.In addition, you cannot scroll vertically and thus you cannot display the missing fields.

This error also occurs if you try to control the availability of infotype fields individually using the view for the infotype screen control (V_T588M). Thus the 'Variable Loop' attribute must also be set for screen SAPL0PXV 5002 (as specified in the solution for screen SAPL0PXV 0512.

Import the respective R/3 HR Support Package.
You can implement an advance correction manually as follows:

  • Call the Screen Painter (Transaction SE51)
  • Deactivate the graphical layout editor via the menu:'Utilities' -> 'Settings' -> deactivate the 'Graphical layout editor' flag
  • Enter program SAPL0PXV and screen number 5012.
  • Select subobject 'Layout editor' and choose 'Change'
  • Deactivate the modification assistant via the menu:'Edit' -> 'Modification operations' -> 'Switch off assistant'
  • Choose the menu option 'Edit' -> 'Loop'
  • In the screen control frame in the first line of the loop, select a field (for example Q588M-GRP3) and then choose the 'Variable loop' icon
  • Afterwards you must save and generate the screen