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TMS (Transport Management System) Interview Questions and Answers

FAQ: TMS (Transport Management System)

1. The status in the TMS is "Import runs" although it is already finished or canceled.

In transaction STMS -> OVERVIEW -> IMPORTS you reach, by double-clicking, the import queue of the corresponding system. From there, via Goto -> Import Monitor, you reach the display of the status of both individual imports and Import all or Import subset. If the tp has already been started, you also see the tp process ID here and you can check at operating system level whether the process still exists (for example ps -ef | grep tp or via the Windows Task Manager). If the tp process still exists, execute the checks for hanging transports from note 556941. Additional notes are 486991 and 505771.

2. Why can I not see all requests in the import history?

See notes 316841 and 375230. In addition, requests whose name is longer than 10 characters can be viewed via transaction SPAM or SAINT.

3. The "large" truck is missing in the TMS symbols

The system is probably set to single import strategy. This can be set up from R/3 Release 4.6C via the transaction STMS -> TRANSPORT ROUTES -> Double-click on the corresponding system -> Tab title System Attributes, area 'Transport strategy' or according to note 194000 for smaller releases.

4. Both the truck and the menu option for the import are completely missing.

Here you must check whether in transaction STMS -> import overview -> double-click on the corresponding system there is an import client field with the requests or whether CTC=1 is set in the transport profile. If there is then also only one request in the import buffer, where there is explicitly no import client, the import does not work. Then add the corresponding import client in the TMS.