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Vanilla JavaScript

Updated Jun 30, 2022

Without any doubt, JavaScript races over the web today. It covers almost every new headlines that talks about web programming. For every front-end developer, no matter experienced or a beginner who is about to start a carrier.

It is compulsory to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This article is about the Vanilla JavaScript framework, its uses, and its disadvantages.

What is vanilla JavaScript? HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The phrase vanilla script refers to using pure JavaScript or plain JavaScript without any other library. Brendan Eich created Vanilla JS on December 4, 1995. Use of Vanilla JS is advantageous in developing efficient and adequate applications and websites using Vanilla JavaScript.

It is one of the lightest frameworks ever. Here are some of the big websites that implement Vanilla JavaScript in their tech stacks:

  1. Netflix
  2. PayPal
  3. Apple
  4. YouTube
  5. Google
  6. Facebook
  7. Wikipedia
  8. Twitter
  9. Amazon
  10. LinkedIn

Reasons for picking vanilla JavaScript

  1. Vanilla JavaScript is considerably more promising than various other frameworks and libraries for web implementation, performances, etc.
  2. It's said to be the most pricey and vital part of the front-end stack.
  3. It provides a user-friendly and effortless developing experience. To develop an application or website with JavaScript, a developer can start coding in a text editor and proceed with the development.
  4. There is no need to execute troublesome steps like install npm, compilation steps, no build, etc.
  5. It doesn't need any external resources because the code execution happens on the client-side.
  6. It delivers excellent speed.

Some projects or applications that is possible to build using Vanilla JavaScript:

1. Weather application

It is an application that does weather forecasting and is one of many projects to built using Vanilla JavaScript.

2. A virtual keyboard

It allows the input of characters without using the keyboard.
The virtual keyboard appears on the computer screen that looks like a regular keyboard, and the user can input the characters by simply clicking the keys of the virtual keyboard.

3. Meditation app

The meditation application assists in mastering the meditation skills by providing pre-recorded sounds(usually containing audio-based instructions), or some sound effects for calming the mind. They also offer mood trackers, meditation timers, and a gathering of fellow meditators.

4. A landing page

It is a web page that serves as an entry point for a website or a certain section of the website.

Disadvantages of Vanilla JavaScript

  1. Lack of debugging facility
  2. We cannot implement JavaScript in a network-based application.
  3. JavaScript doesn't allow reading and writing files for some security causes.
  4. Anyone can alter the JavaScript code and utilize it as a tool for malicious purposes. It's because the JavaScript code is viewable on the client-side. Thus, the most significant disadvantage of a Vanilla script is client-side security.
  5. It does not support the abilities or capabilities such as multiprocessor, multi-threading, etc.


JavaScript races over the web today. JavaScript is one of the compulsory languages to learn for front-end developers. The vanilla script refers to using plain JavaScript without any other library. It is one of the lightest frameworks ever. It can assist in creating efficient and adequate applications like weather applications, meditation applications, virtual keyboards, landing pages, etc.