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A Purchase Requisition cannot be converted automatically into a Purchase Order

Updated May 18, 2018

You want to convert a purchase requisition for services into a purchase order using Transaction ME58 or ME59. Why does the system output message ME261 (No suitable purchase requisitions found)?

In the following situations, a purchase requisition cannot be converted automatically into a purchase order:

  • No unique source of supply is assigned to the purchase requisition.
  • In the vendor master (purchasing data), the 'Automatic purchase order' indicator is set.
  • In Customizing, indicator 'Automatic PO generation for service requisitions' is not set for the client of the purchasing organization. (Customizing path: Materials Management -> External Services Management -> Source Determination and Default Values).
  • The purchase requisition is subject to a release strategy and is not released.
  • In the purchase requisition, indicator 'Closed' is set or the item is deleted.
  • The purchase requisition is already converted into a purchase order.