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Which table contains all the script from names and print program names in SAP database.

Updated May 18, 2018

Table  TNAPR  contains all sapscipts name and print program names or  Search Program RSTXFCAT  is used to find out SAP Scirpt names.

The procedure to get the sapscipts name and print program names are as follows:

  • By using T.code SE11 goto the Table TNAPR.
  • Press CNTRL+SHIFT+F10 to get the contents of the Table.
  • Then on the Table Content Selection Screen, Type the driver program name in the field PGNAM and execute(F8). 
    Finally FONAM field of the result display the SAPScript Name for the driver program.  



Check the table TADIR.
Goto t.code SE11 -> TADIR.
Press F8.
In Selection screen, for  Object Type enter  'FORM'.
Press F8.
It will show all Scripts.